By nature, children are artists that create with delight and enthusiasm. Colors and shapes are essential in creating the healthy development of children and adults. Development of sensory skills play an essential part in developing self-confidence, knowledge, and sound thinking. Be creative! Bee creative! This is the idea with which we invite you and your children to color and draw. With paper and EMMIbee crayons, the joy of color perception and variety of shapes will deepen the joy of what EMMIbee hopes you will accomplish.

↓ Bee creative ↓

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Products and experience

Experience with your children the perfectly shaped crayons from EMMIbee. With joy you will draw creative figures in a natural way. Your own creativity has no limits. Artistic and creative figures are born through imagination and the senses.  EMMIbee crayons were developed using techniques from Waldorf Schools by children of all ages. Taken into account was the original idea of Rudolf Steiner: to draw pictures with the “scale” technique and to play with light and shadow areas.

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Primary colors “MALTE” 6 pieces


Product-Nr. 4005  Light Yellow, Yellow, Light Orange, Orange, Red, Dark Red

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Emmibee Wachsmalfarben 6er Pack Art-Nr 6191

Primary colors “MIRA” 6 pieces


Product-Nr. 4006 Red-violet, Violet, Dark Blue, Blue, Light Green, Green

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Emmibee Wachsmalfarben 6er Pack Art-Nr 6201

Primary colors “JONAS” 6 pieces


Product-Nr. 4007 Pink, White, Grey, Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown

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Emmibee Wachsmalfarben 6er Pack Art-Nr 6361

Colors of the color circle “GOETHE” 6 pieces


Product-Nr. 4004 Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet, Blue, Green. 8% bigger than Primary colors.

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Emmibee Malblöcke DIN A3, DIN A4

Paper for crayons

A3 & A4, 50 sheets, 190 g

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Product ingredients and information

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EMMIbee crayons are manufactured only from pure, high-quality, renewable natural material that meet the high standards of parents and children, Kindergartens and schools. Thanks to its special ergonomic shape they can be used by right and left-handed people. They will always lay perfect in your hands, the size and shape are especially designed for children but also work perfect for adults.

High quality artists’ pigments ensure the fine coloring. The colors in the “Goethe Colors” collection are a little stronger than in the “primary colors”. EMMIbee crayons are produced with at least 25% beeswax, pure vegetable waxes and resins! In contrast to other manufacturers of crayons, EMMIbee does not use microcrystalline petroleum wax, does not use waxes from palmoil and does not use waxes from genetically modified soy. We follow the path of a consistently ecological product.


We take our color pallet from the natural environment – that is the color treasure from which we draw. It also offers inspiration for people in remedial or therapeutic facilities. New ideas need space to grow and to develop identity.. – EMMIbee natural wax crayons afford that opportunity.

In your hands

Let yourself and your children be inspired while you are coloring by the feel of the original shapes. Be inspired by the straight and curved sides of the crayons! If you look closely at the form you will see, they have the shape of saddle surfaces. These arise from the merger of a concave curved and convex curved surface, wherein the amalgamation lines are straight lines.


EMMIbee crayons are water resistant, but can be washed out of clothes. As a coloring surface you can basically use any type of paper. We suggest in particular a high quality type which we offer -the Hahnemühle Malblöcke- for crayons. Paper with a slight “tooth” affords a better coloring experience than that of “smooth” paper. With EMMIbee crayons you can also draw on cardboard, stones, wood, glass and many other materials.

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You will see that the EMMIbee crayons are designed to allow you to draw broad and narrow areas, as well as thin lines. For two-dimensional effect, use the color piece fitted only with the edge, so it can be held at an angle. For linear painting or writing EMMIbee crayons can be held firmly in the tripod grasp. Wax blocks and crayon points are designed into one color piece – an exclusive innovation of EMMIbee!

100% Nature – 25% Beeswax – no Paraffin, no mineral oil – made in germany

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Our Promise

Goethe´s color theory: Based on the color choice according to Goethe’s color theory, the true masters highest image force will come to life. Let your students become the sorcerer’s apprentices: With EMMIbee crayons you will create expressive, willing, visual and aesthetic works of art. The touch and feel of our crayons will sensitize your experience! Our artistic intention is formed from our years of practice in Waldorf schools. With the design of our crayons, we have extended the concept of artistic expression in Visual Design for modern tastes.

EMMIbee shows commitment and works with the anthroposophical institution “Werksiedlung St. Christoph” in the Black Forest together, were people with disabilities are employed . EMMIbee takes the responsibility to ensure our bees (currently holds EMMIbee three colonies on a Demeterhof in Schleswig-Holstein) – have a healthy environment!

EMMIbee waxcrayons are made in germany.


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